Padua venue of the Relais Dessert 2022 meeting

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Padua venue of the Relais Dessert 2022 meeting

Luigi Biasetto will be the host of the international meeting of the Relais Dessert, which will be held in Padua from 15 to 18 May

It will be Padua in 2022 to host the Relais Dessert meeting of 2022. After 14 years, the members of the prestigious association, born in France in 1983 and currently chaired by Vincent, the world pastry elite, return to Italy. Luigi Bisetto, who will be the host, will coordinate the event.

Eighty-five between confectioners and chocolatiers, coming from 19 countries, who are confronted with the aim of encouraging exchanges and stimulating the creative universe of each.

The Relais Dessert 2022 meeting will take place from 15 to 18 May and this will be an opportunity for the Gotha of pastry to get to know the territory and local production realities.

An appointment foreseen by a calendar full of events and training moments: technical seminars and workshops that will explore the relationship with customers, marketing 4.0 and new gastronomic products.

For Italy, the Ralais Dessert 2022 meeting will be the third to be held in the country. The first was held in Brescia, in 1998, then in Venice, in 2008 and now in Padua, where the burden and the honor of coordinating the appointment could not be reserved for the world champion and Relais Dessert, Luigi Biasetto.

In Italy, in addition to the Paduan maestro Biasetto, the following are part of the Relais Desserts International: Andreas Acherer, Fabrizio Galla, Luca Mannori, Iginio Massari and Roberto Rinaldini.