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Progressio Management Advisory

Torre Net | 15th FLOOR

Founded in 2018, Progressio Management Advisory S.r.l. is a management company, advisory and service with the aim of supplying services of management and organizational consultancy, as well as economic-financial consulting. 
It is subjected at the management and coordination from the real estate holding company and shareholdings H2C S.p.A.
Active in real estate and renewable energies, the core activities of Progressio M.A. develop on four main processes that work synergistically across the entire value creation chain:

  • Investment Management:
    ✓ Identification of investment opportunities;
    ✓ Technical, financial and legal due-diligence;
    ✓ Possible search of equity investors and/or bank lending and/or public funding;
    ✓ Constitution of investment vehicle pro-acquisition
  • Asset Management:
    ✓ Project brief;
    ✓ Feasibility study;
    ✓ Preliminary & development anlysis;
    ✓ Entitlement process;
    ✓ Construction management;
    ✓ Testing & commissioning
  • Development Management:
    ✓ Asset / portfolio management;
    ✓ Facility management
  • Asset / Property Management:
    ✓ Constant monitoring on the upside/downside return possibilities and asset enhancement;
    ✓ Analysis of the best possibilities of enhancement and exit from the investment, considering also the market momentum;
    ✓ Buyer search;
    ✓ Sale of the asset or medium also by competitive procedure.

Contact us:

Piazza Aldo Moro, 10 – Padua

Tel: +39 0497299670

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