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Palazzo Economia | piano terra

We are an European company creating fresh, semi-functional and comfortably fitted daily casual women´s wear to our target audience.

We make every article your personal favorite, because CECIL is like our customers: authentic, curious, honest and always in line with the times. We prove this twelve times a year. Our outstanding speed allows us to interpret the latest highlights on the market in a new way for our customers. And we’re proud of the result each and every month –modern collections, the qualities you love and of course CECIL’s excellent fit.

Our love of fashion and our ambition to make our customers happy is also evident in our day-to-day work. Since 1989, we have worked as a team on the continuous development of our collections. We leave our footprint at more than 3,800 sales points every month. And we always do it with great attention to detail. Our casual, sporty looks are modern but not “trendy”, and they can stand up to your toughest workday, day in and day out. In short, true “everyday wear”!


Piazza Aldo Moro, 20 – Padova

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