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Who we are

The Net Center Complex

An amazing business and hospitality hub in the Padua Est area, just a stone's throw away from its motorway exit and the railway station of Padova.

The complex’s unusual architecture was designed by architect Aurelio Galfetti and is set on a raised pedestrian completely slate-clad platform with a tangible predilection for the horizontal, with the exception of its Tower which dominates the buildings below from a height of over 85 metres. 

The rest of the structure comprises a further five elements, named Palazzo Tendenza, Palazzo Economia – which are five floors high – Kube, Piazza Aldo Moro and Autorimessa NET.

‘What makes the whole Complex special is its optimal visibility: transparency, mirroring and luminosity in a steel structure.’

This makes complete sense in a city like Padua, whose culture is as well-known as its ability to grasp the essence of the industrial, commercial, professional and hospitality worlds.




The Net Center Complex has developed its own hardware, software, financial and insurance tools as one of the special features it offers.

The basement floors

Underneath the Complex there are two basement floors laid out as garages for internal and external users, significantly adding to its convenience.